Bad credit. New to the state. & ?% Independent…& she found me a Home to own. That’s perfect for me and that I can afford. If that doesn’t speak volumes in today’s society. I don’t know what does. This woman is truly heaven sent and she is even there for you even after you buy. I strongly recommend her. Thank you Deborah!

Lydia Hogan

Just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for you as my realtor…as a single mom and at a vulnerable stage in my life…you took care of me and gave me and my daughter a house we call home!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for not just being my realtor but for taking care of us!

Tami Hickey

Deb walked alot pof miles for us to find the right fit. She gave up holidays , would meet us at the hotel to go over houses to see. We moved to TN from PA she stepped up to help when others didn’t want too. She found us our first house and rental property

Suzanne Jockel

Deborah Short goes above and beyond for her clients and is on their side. She makes sure that the deal is in the best interest of her client and that they get what they need and want. Great realtor.

Heather Leslie